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Escoweld Grouting Products

Escoweld® is an engineered Epoxy Grout System for use with dynamically - operated industrial machinery and equipment  where performance and operating reliability are crucial. Many considerations should be made when installing equipment. But one of the most significant considerations - the type of grout to use - is many times neglected. This can become a root cause of poor equipment performance and unpredictability.

The right grouting system, as part of a well - engineered equipment system, can provide years of cost-effective, reliable performance. Selecting the right grouting system is as simple as having an understanding about what the Escoweld® Epoxy Grout System provides

Escoweld Engery Transfer System

Escoweld® Epoxy Grouts function as a critical interface between the equipment and its foundation ensuring proper transference of static and dynamic loads generated by operating equipment to the foundation. This allows the foundation to efficiently absorb and dissipate the loads true to its purpose

Escoweld Grouting Applications

Escoweld® Epoxy Grouts provide proper support for the operating equipment. When coupled with a properly designed anchoring system, Escoweld maintains critical shaft alignment fundamental for optimum performance of rotating and reciprocating equipment.

Escoweld Deep Pour System

Escoweld® Epoxy Grouts offer improved resistance to many industrial chemicals that would typically destroy conventional cement grouts.  A foundation too, is subject to chemical attack. If the foundation mass is reduced by chemical attack, so is its effectiveness as a support and damping mechanism. Using guidelines available from ITW Philadelphia Resins, Escoweld can also be used to protect concrete foundations from chemical attack that would otherwise deteriorate as a result.

Escoweld® Epoxy Grouts contribute higher damping qualities than cement grouts. This is vital in assisting to maintain lower vibration levels in rotating equipment.

Escoweld® Epoxy Grouts offer substantial benefits to the contractor, allowing for problem-free installation.


If you are interested in…

  • Increasing Equipment and
    Foundation Service Life
  • Lowering Equipment Operating Costs 
  • Increasing MTBF

…the choice for your next installation is ESCOWELD®


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