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Reynolds French Company

Kirk Chalmers, President of Reynolds French Company, TulsaEven as a two-man operation in 1944, REYNOLDS-FRENCH set its sights on becoming a world leader in casting repair service. With each successive year, services have expanded, the company has grown, and the goal has become reality.  

Today, REYNOLDS-FRENCH is recognized as the leader in repair of cracked or damaged castings, in field machining, in alignment, and in consultation for equipment problems.

The attainment of this dream, and every other REYNOLDS-FRENCH goal throughout the years, has been made possible by people. Highly trained specialists at REYNOLDS-FRENCH are encouraged to innovate on an endless array of equipment problems faced each day. Support staff supplies coordination and countless other backup operations. Through combined people efforts, the REYNOLDS-FRENCH team provides its valued customers with the best service in the industry. Period.

With our proud history, REYNOLDS-FRENCH is ever committed to finding better ways to serve customers. Possible solutions to problems are analyzed to determine if they will extend equipment life, reduce down time and costs, and if they are the most economical solutions, all things considered in other words, to give you the most value in equipment repairs.

Fueled by pride and backed by the strong REYNOLDS-FRENCH tradition and reputation, it is our employees who are dedicated to carrying on the tradition and further build upon the fine reputation of REYNOLDS-FRENCH & Company. REYNOLDS FRENCH expertise and experience assures customers that all problems will be properly analyzed and the best solutions executed in a most proficient manner.

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