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Reynolds French specializes in finding cost-effective solutions and eliminating downtime. With a complete machine shop and facilities, we can do work on-site or in our shop. 


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Reynolds French offers a variety of products engineered to perform at the highest standard. Let our experts help you find the part or products you need.

Serving Industry for Over 75 Years

A Legacy of Service and Commitment

A world leader in its industry, Reynolds-French & Company is a professional casting repair business with years of experience. From its inception in the early 1940’s, Reynolds-French has worked tirelessly to perfect the practice of repairing cracks in castings through metal stitching and lacing. Over the years, we have also embarked on developing new methods of repair for castings that were damaged beyond what traditional lacing could fix. 

The two-man operation that gave way to the innovative, pioneering casting repair company that is Reynolds-French, now contains a team of highly-trained and skilled specialists and support staff. With the combined efforts of the Reynolds-French team, this humble company has become a world leader in casting repair, field machining, alignment, crankshaft work and in equipment consultation. We continue to seek innovative solutions to today’s problems, with an expert team that won’t settle for the status quo.