AMOT is the leading designer and manufacturer of control, safety, and monitoring products for engines, compressors, turbines, and other rotating equipment.

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Thermostatic Valves

Controlling the temperature of engine fluids is essential to ensuring equipment efficiency and performance. AMOT is the leading manufacturer of actuated and thermostatic temperature control valves and regulators. By controlling the Charge Air inlet temperature, Jacket Water temperature, and Lube Oil temperature, the AMOT Temperature Control and Thermostatic Valves help optimize fuel consumption, improve NOx emissions, and increase engine efficiency.

Metal Particle Detectors

The AMOT metal particle detector (MPD) is an in-line continuous wear debris monitor that signals the presence of metal particles in lubricating oils. The MPD alerts the operator to perform oil condition checks to determine machinery health status. Timely detection of metal particles ensures reliable machine conditions and maximizes asset availability by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

In addition, metal particle detection can verify filter system performance and failure, confirm system flushing, detect high corrosion and abrasion wear, identify improper machine repair, eliminate sampling errors, and confirm corrective maintenance. AMOT’S unique grid sensing technology detects metal chips, detects all conductive metal particles (including non-magnetic metal particles), and provides early warning of impending failure.

Bearing Temperature Sensors

These AMOT products provide an early warning or shutdown upon a sudden temperature rise in critical machine parts caused by tight, worn or out-of-round bearings, tight packing glands, cracked or broken shafts, torsional vibration, power or compressor cylinder overload, lack of lubricant flow and many other sources. The various sensors include pneumatic or electric output temperature detectors, for low, medium, and high temperature detection. The AMOT Electric Trip Switches and Pneumatic 2-Way Vent Valves provide alarming or shutdown upon increase in temperature, before failure, to avoid costly part failures.

Fuel Shut Off Valves

AMOT has a line of rugged, compact, fast acting block-and-bleed valves for use in fuel gas shutoff and engine air start applications. The fail-safe 2-way pilot pressure operated and 2-way vented valves have a wide range of operating capacities and pressures. They can operate in a variety of environments and include NACE compliant and hazardous area approved models.

Products that improve the safety and performance of your equipment.

Control products to optimize compressors and oilfield equipment

Gas compressor stations are an integral part of the pipeline network that moves gas from production sites to the end user. AMOT externally-actuated Model G control valves help optimize the engine’s performance and adjust to a station’s ever-changing demands. They offer remote temperature sensing and quick reaction to temperature changes to improve engine reliability, decrease warm-up time, and ensure consistent temperature control