Proven and Protected Service Repairs

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Crack Repair Services

Reynolds-French and its services have grown dramatically in the past 60 years. The hallmark of Reynolds-French was from the beginning, and still is, the success enjoyed by repairing cracked or broken castings.

It is the years of experience on over 50,000 castings that have formed the combination of knowledge and workmanship that thousands of users have come to rely on.

Metal Stitch Repair Services


Castings which have developed cracks or which have broken from being overstressed can be strengthened in the fractured area by inlaying pre-formed, high tensile strength, alloy steel bars referred to as “locks” or “metal locks”. Locks are inserted into accurately prepared slots, which are perpendicular to and located across the crack. 


After the installation of the locks, “lacing” is placed along the entire length of the crack. The laces pre-stress the locks, prevent the leakage of liquids and gases, and prevent the movement of the metal casting on each side of the crack.

After all the lacing has been installed, peening and grinding of the lace metal protruding above the surface is necessary. 

Large Locks

Large-locks provide a higher concentration of locked strength at points of maximum stress, particularly where it is necessary to dissipate a local stress over a wider area.

Pressure Limitations

Repairs made to equipment handling liquids and gases will contain design operating pressures unless the equipment was under-designed for the application.

Cast Iron Equipment Repair

Rock Crusher Repair Project

Scroll thorugh the photos below to see our work on Rock Crusher Repair Project in Elgin, OK.

Other Repair Projects

Power rod failure damaged upper and lower mainframe.  Work begun here milling frame to accept new fabrications.

Fabrications installed; flange and all bolt holes restored to original dimensions; repairs complete.

Steel Reinforcement

Reinforcement Fabrication

Fabrications held in place by a series of special bolting and various locking devices, as shown below, will restore the broken or damaged casting to its full strength with repairs being done on site and without full disassembly in many cases. After any necessary machining and painting these castings are restored to their original strength, dimensions and appearance.

Outer flange has fabrication with shrink ring fit, laced in, bolted to side flange fabrication, which itself is secured by bolting and lacing.

After any necessary machining and painting these castings are restored to their original strength, dimensions and appearance.

Broken Bolts: Remove and Replace

  • Mainframe Stud Bolts
  • Flange Bolts / Replace with Bushings