Flywheel Lock

With our Flywheel Lock, we eliminate the need for the old and unstable wedge blocks.

Patented State-of-the-Art Safety

The Flywheel Lock can be engaged from a safe position – eliminating the need to crawl under the flywheel to put a pin in place. The patented device eliminates flywheel or crankshaft movement while repair personnel are working and is the safest solution for working on engines and compressors.

  • 360 degrees positive lock
  • Perform routine maintenance with variable position lock
  • Increased safety
  • Save time and labor costs
  • Easy-to-use long handle eliminating the need to crawl under the flywheel
  • Adaptable to any foundation


"After maintenance on our Clark TCVD Engine, an attempt to start the unit with the Flywheel Lock engaged occurred. Although there was substantial damage to the lock, the flywheel remained in place. Since these were installed primarily to prevent incidental movement of the flywheel and not by outside forces, it greatly increased our confidence in this product."
Centerpoint Energy

See the Flywheel Lock in Action