#3 Cooper Bessemer GMV

Cooper-Bessemer first produced the GMV in 1938. Reynolds-French is working to ensure that many of these first engines will be running in the 21st century.

After years of service, even the best-built equipment will have problems, especially without proper maintenance. This brochure highlights some of the more common problem areas. Let REYNOLDS-FRENCH inspect and resolve any potential equipment problems you may be having.

Types of Repairs

Spreader Bar and Dowel Pin Fit

GMVC with damaged spreader bar dowel landing replaced. Steel fabrication installed and machined on site.

Worn spreader bar dowel pins replaced with oversized pins to correct excessive movement and crankcase door bolt breakage problems.

Crosshead Guide Flange and Air Box

Misalignment of engine, crosshead guide compressor cylinders or bottles can cause major damage to side of main frames.

Crosshead guide flange replaced with steel fabrication and machined on site.

Damaged wall between airbox and crankcase removed.

Damaged wall replaced with fabrication and sealed. On site repair

GMV Power Cylinder Area Repairs

Common Repairs for the GMV:

The GMV series engines have a common design for the base. As the horsepower was increased with blowers and turbochargers, we found breakage in area shown in the cross sectional drawing to the right. All GMV, GMVTF, GMVA, and GMVC engines built or converted before 1960 should have an annual air box inspection.

GMV base cross sectional drawing showing area where breakage is found (orange lines).

If damage in upper view is not repaired, crack will extend into crankcase webbing in front of main bearing cap (See arrows)

View inside airbox. Cracked power cylinder bolt boss is highlighted (see arrows).

If crack extends as shown in drawing into crankcase, reinforcement will be required

Power cylinder boss is reinforced with special bolt extending from cylinder landing to wrist pin removal hole in crankcase.

GMV Main Saddle Replacement

A major repair on a GMV, in the field, using steel fabrications and on-site machine work. REYNOLDS-FRENCH has replaced bearing saddles in many styles of engines using castings or steel fabrications.

Damaged casting removed. Arrows point out cracked areas.

Fabrication bolted and secured to cast iron base. Fabrication is welded steel to steel only. Machined to OEM standards.

Damaged main bearing being
removed by machining

Frame ready to receive fabrication and new main bearing saddle.

Completed on-site repairs.

Field Machine Work

OEM specs maintained by use of portable machine tools and REYNOLDS-FRENCH expertise.

Following are a few of our on-site machine services:

  • Portable Milling Line Boring
  • Crank Pin Turning
  • Flange Facing
  • Compressor Valve Pockets
  • Crankshaft Straightening
  • Idler Shaft Bushings
  • Crosshead Guides/Flanges

Spreader bar landings and bar
fit being milled to size on site.

Main bearing cap landing
and jaw fit being machined.

Frame being linebored after repairs to main bearing saddle. Engine bored to OEM standard

Spreader bar landings and bar
fit being milled to size on site.

Repair of Power Cylinder Heads

REYNOLDS-FRENCH has repaired and has available many of the hard-to-find GMV cylinder heads. REYNOLDS-FRENCH cold repair on cylinder heads doesn’t distort the existing machine surfaces.

GMV cylinder head damaged in gas valve hole and spark plug area.

GMV cylinder head bored for bushing in gas valve area. Damaged area removed and will be replaced by bushing screwed in and laced in for complete metal-to-metal contact.

Before and after repairs