#9 Crankshaft Repair Onsite

Reynolds-French has been servicing crankshafts for 35 years. Just another way we are working to keep your equipment working for you

#8 Cooper Bessemer V250, W-330

Cooper has produced the GMW series engine since the early 1940’s. Reynolds-French is working with you to maintain these engines.

#7 Fuller Compressor

Reynolds-French, the leader in casting repairs, has added another type of equipment to its long line of innovative repairs. Worn and damaged Compressors can be repaired to a “like new” condition.

#5 Cooper-Bessemer LSV Series

Cooper-Bessemer first produced the LSV Engine in the 1940’s. Reynolds-French is working to maintain these engines well into the next Millennium.

#4 Power Engines: Enterprise, Fairbanks, Nordberg

This section highlights on-site repairs to keep FAIRBANKS MORSE engines operating. Over the years, REYNOLDS-FRENCH has performed magic on all models of FAIRBANKS MORSE engines. The photo’s provided will give you an idea of some of REYNOLDS-FRENCH’s magical handiwork.

#3 Cooper Bessemer GMV

Cooper-Bessemer first produced the GMV in 1938. Reynolds-French is working to ensure that many of these first engines will be running in the 21st century.

#2 Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll-Rand helped push the oil and gas industry into the 21st century and is still one of the most reliable and popular engines today. Let Reynolds-French help you to extend and improve the working life of your Ingersoll-Rand engines into the next century.

#1 Superior Engine

Superior Engines are very reliable, hard-working engines, explaining their immense popularity. We want to help you extend the working life of your Superiors. White -Superior was one of the pioneers of the high-speed compressor engines to be used in the oil and gas industry. REYNOLDS-FRENCH & COMPANY pioneered the repair of damaged or wrecked high-speed […]