#6 Compressor Frames

Types of Repairs

What’s New in Casting Repairs

saved this Compressor Frame.

All makes and models repaired and
machined to OEM Specifications.

Most repairs can be made either onsite
or in our shop.

You make the call.

Area damaged by failed
connecting rod

Flange replaced with steel fabrication.
Casting repairs completed and machined.

 Flange compressor and split line damage

See where this Unit was repaired?

All Size Compressor Frames Restored

These frames required Complete re-machine consisting of:

  • Machine feet of base
  • Bore crosshead guides
  • Machine crosshead flanges
  • Machine and refit spreader bars
  • Linebore to standard

Frames remanufactured and repaired in our Tulsa shop.

Broken but repairable.

 Casting repairs to crosshead guide flanges and supporting webs.

All shapes and sizes are repairable. This includes Tie bolt area, compressor flange and split line.

Let’s Talk About Your Repair Needs

REYNOLDS-FRENCH will take care of all your compressor frame problems–all makes and models. We do casting repairs, Lineboring, Alignment and much more.

Unit line bored

Note cracked main bearing saddle and frame

Complete flange replaced