#8 Cooper Bessemer V250, W-330

Cooper has produced the GMW series engine since the early 1940’s. Reynolds-French is working with you to maintain these engines.

Types of Repairs


Our Shop or your compressor station. Reynolds-French will repair damaged or broken castings, Mill flanges, Line bore, Straighten and Machine crankshaft. Correct alignment on site.

Crosshead guide flange being
refaced on site with portable mill.

Counterweight through bottom of W-330 base and damaged oil line. Repaired on site.

Hole in base cleaned for repair by use of steel fabrication locked into place.

Base repair complete steel fabrication installed.

GMW Miscellaneous On-Site Repair

Hole in bottom of base repaired with special fabrication

Crosshead guide flange reinforced by
use of special bolts and steel fabrication

Fabrication lock and laced in place.

Area being repaired with special
turnbuckle bolts.

Repairs to lower crosshead guide
flange area at crosshead guide fit.

We Can Remanufacture Your Engine in Our Shop

10 cylinder “W” series base repaired at Reynolds-French shop. Note: wireline set up in cam bores

GMWA – Repaired On-Site – Main Bearing Saddle Repair

Cracked main bearing saddle.
Crack starts at the crosshead guide flange.

Saddle and frame wall drilled for master lock and metal locks.

Main bearing saddle ready for masterlock

Locks installed and walls reinforced with steel. After repair was line bored.