#4 Power Engines: Enterprise, Fairbanks, Nordberg

Reynolds-French has helped keep Power Engines running into the 21st century. Let Reynolds-French help extend the working life of your engine.

This section highlights on-site repairs to keep FAIRBANKS MORSE engines operating. Over the years, REYNOLDS-FRENCH has performed magic on all models of FAIRBANKS MORSE engines. The photo’s provided will give you an idea of some of REYNOLDS-FRENCH’s magical handiwork.

Types of Repairs

Fairbanks Morse Cylinder Header Damage

Damaged cylinder block and cylinder head landing area on a Model 33 Fairbanks.

Damaged area being removed
by use of portable mill.

Steel fabrication installed by locking and lacing and a series of special extended bolts. Area remachined

Repair completed and unit ready for reassembly

Enterprise Block Damage

REYNOLDS-FRENCH “know-how” saved this block. The damaged area was removed and a new casting poured, machined and installed. Once again, an engine was put back into service through the experience and expertise of REYNOLDS-FRENCH.

Broken cylinder block
crack runs into two
cylinder areas


Section removed from Cylinder Block on site.

Area prepared for machining on site.

New casting by Reynolds French being lowered into place.

Nordberg FS and TSGL Base Damage

Common Repairs for the ES and TSGL Nordberg Engines:

The repairs in this section are common for the FS and TSGL NORDBERG Engines. Since many of these units have 100,000 or more hours, the problem has developed. Checking main frame base bolts for proper torque could help reduce the problem. Yearly inspection should be made of outlined areas. REYNOLDS-FRENCH has made repairs on these engines worldwide.

TSGL Nordberg with broken main bearing saddle. Note cracks on both sides of main bearing saddle.

TSGL mainbearing area has been repaired by use of steel plates bolted and laced to bed plate

Saddle repair completed on both sides.

Enterprise DSGR Damaged Main Frames

On-site repairs to save engine base and center frame. Only through REYNOLDS-FRENCH extensive experience in repairing damaged castings can a catastrophic wreck such as this be repaired and put back into full service. As evidenced in the photo below, this unit was nearly cut in half.

Center frame block removed. Engine was damaged on block landing, camshaft bearing saddles, inspection door, and split line of center frame

Damaged area on center frame removed, machined and ready for fabrication

Steel fabrications in place ready for machine work.

Casting rebuilt and camshaft bearing bores machined to OEM standards.

Power Engine Services

REYNOLDS-FRENCH has been a leader in repairing engine main frames and compressors for over 50 years.

Following are a few of our on-site power engine services:

  • Casting Repairs
  • Alignment
  • On-Site Machine Work
  • Crankshaft Repairs
  • Lineboring
  • Remachining of engine bases
  • Cylinder head repairs


Portable on-site milling.

Crank pin turning, straightening
and polishing on site.