#9 Crankshaft Repair Onsite

When your shaft looks like this, it is time to call Reynolds French!

Reynolds-French has been servicing crankshafts for 35 years. Just another way we are working to keep your equipment working for you.

Types of Repairs

Crankpin being turned undersize onsite

Turning Main Bearing Journal in Place on LSV-16

Portable on site Machining by Reynolds-French

  • Crankshaft
  • Rods
  • Mains
  • Crankshaft Straightening
  • Flywheel Flanges
  • Lineboring
  • Milling

It takes a lot of tools to turn a main bearing
in place without a complete disassembly.

Drive connected to
crankshaft to rotate engine.

The end of crankshaft requires support
if the end main needs to be turned

Part of tool power feed assembly

LSV Crankshaft Machining Onsite

Chain driving tool feed as engine is rotated

View of tool holder and feed slide set up on main bearin.

Tool feed drive assembly mounted inside engine.

Tapered flywheel fit recut on site.

Crankshaft Mains Turned on Site: Cooper V-250

Casting Repairs by Reynolds-French

  • Engine Frames
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Compressor Cylinders

Machining main bearing journal on Cooper V-250

Crankshaft being turned by outside power source

Fixture attached to main frame for machining main bearing journal

Set up complete. Note shaft being machined

V-250 Main Bearing Journal Being Turned in Place

Alignment by Reynolds-French

  • Wirelines
  • Optical
  • Deflection
  • Epoxy Grout Distributor

Shaft being machined.
Note damaged area.

Shaft being checked with bridge micrometer

Polishing shaft after machine work on main bearing journal

Unit being rotated and polished.

Crankpins Turned and Polished On Site

Crankpin being turned on site

Drive equipment for pin turning machine.